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Thread: Text Fonts

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    Text Fonts

    How can I change/add fonts for the text tool in Studio Pro? Right now, there only seems to be one font available.

    (My apologies if this is covered in the user manual; Adobe Reader has been malfunctioning ever since my computer has been connected to my college network.)

  2. Well, if you’re using a Mac...? your fonts should be here:
    Macintosh HD / Library / Fonts...
    drag all your suitable fonts into that folder and they should show up
    in ArtRage’s Text Tool...
    Select the Text Tool / go to View / Tool Settings / tick the Font Tab...and choose...

    Microsoft, I guess, has a similar Fonts-Folder...?


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    ArtRage reads the fonts directly from the system font folder for the Windows OS (at least for me). I guess it's different for Macs.
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