I wrote this on my blog on another site.
It is all my work, except the story about the man and the passerby, which I got from a book. I reworded it, however.
Enjoy, and acknowledge the message. It might just save a life.

We all know love can hurt, that love can kill.
We all know how much you want it, or resent it.
And we all know how much it makes you cry.
But love isn't all pain, or misery.
Love isn't about the kisses or the hugs or the nights spent crying over having lost it.
Love is simply about a friend to be there with you, to be by your side.
Some friends may have deeper roots than others, and while you will often share hugs or kisses or perhaps you may feel more for them than anyone, they're just friends, in the end.
Very good friends.
I want you to say 'I love you' to everyone you see.
They'll think you're weird, or homosexual, or an escaped mental patient, but you can just walk away, smiling, because you understand the true meaning of love, and they do not.
I want you to hug someone, whether they be a random person on the street, or your best friend. Just run up and hug them, and while they may be startled or confused - mainly a stranger - or perhaps even angry, later on, they will look back on that moment and smile.
A hug can change a life.
It can create,
It can destroy.
But when you look back on a hug, no matter how malicious or unintentional, you cannot help but feel even a tiny bit of warmth.
Love is meant to create, inspire, rekindle and reform.
If love hurts, destroys, or pains you, then it is not love. A shadow of what could have been. A heart without a soul.
Nobody knows why humans were put here in the first place.
Nobody knows why we are capable of feeling love.
But we are.
And that is what matters.
Make the most of it.
I remember reading a story, about a man standing on a bridge, ready to leap to his gruesome death. A passerby spotted the man, and climbed out of his car, ran over and hugged him.
The man who was considering committing suicide was startled. Even more so, when the passerby said, 'I love you.'
The man started crying, and the passerby ended up taking the man to his house.
It was dangerous, to invite this man into his house, but he did it anyway.
He offered warmth, food, fresh clothes...Everything someone could ask for.
That very man who had stood on the bridge, mourning his terrible life, has now remarried, has two children and lives a very happy life in London.
That man was going to kill himself.
A hug saved his life.
A simple gesture of love or unity can change everything.
Seconds of your time, could save years of another's.
You were born with a heart.
Use it.