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Thread: Woah! Lost layer?!?

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    Woah! Lost layer?!?

    It's strange indeed... worked for about two hours without problems and in moment i lost a layer... lucky to save often...

    I was playing with lazo selections and transformations... resize, esc, re-select, resize-move, esc, ctrl-z, ctrl-z... layer disappeared. I don't remind exactly the sequence that led to this situation but it had to do with selections, transformations and undos.

    Using AR 3.0.5 Studio Pro on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine (32bit).

    Hope it may help! Umberto

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    similar problem with layers, but different...

    When I had groups of layers, the layers seemd to get confused as to where they should be. That is, groups somehow get inside of groups. The problem is I don't know when it happens, because I don't generally have my eye on the layer pod thing.

    At this point everything works right. When you save the file, and reload it, the strange layer structure is still there, but only some layers are visible. Even if the group layer, and individual layer is set to visible. If you move the invisible layer(s) out of the groups, up to the top, they remain invisible. The little eye says I should be able to see it, but you can't.

    You can export the invisible layer and it works as it should. You can duplicate the layer, and the new layer is magically visible. The original is still invisible and therefore not usable.

    I haven't lost any paintings when this happens, because I can get them back through the copy and delete layer process, but I'm sure it's a feature not really wanted.

    It has happened twice, and one time I know I had a layer and a group with the same name - don't know if that was the problem or not. I've made sure I don't do that just in case.

    On a vista ultimate 64 bit, wacom tablet, 8 gb memory. Just the usual anti-virus etc running in the background, and maybe a web browser, and the gimp

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    Hi guys, this happens when you copy-paste and it creates a new layer, in this process sometimes a existing layer can be deleted without a way to recover it. For example ctrl - z.

    I hope the developers can solve it with this indication.


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    Regarding groups: You can place groups inside other groups, so what you're seeing with groups in groups is fine, and probably just a result of having created a new group with an active layer selected that was inside another group. Visibility is handled either on a layer by layer basis, or if the layer is inside a group the group's visibility overrides it.

    If you see a layer remain hidden after removal from a group, try moving it to the top of the layer stack and toggling visibility on/off, that may resolve it, but I have not been able to replicate a situation where the layer remains hidden after I remove it from the hidden groups it was in.

    I have been able to replicate a layer vanishing after pasting in one very specific circumstance that we will look at fixing in an update: If you copy then paste a layer, then press Escape to cancel the transformation on paste the layer you pasted will vanish (this is expected). However, if you then undo the undo stack hasn't stepped back quite far enough and the last New Layer operation will be removed. For now, the workaround is to okay the transform when the new layer is pasted, which will prevent this happening.

    Thanks for letting us know.
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