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Thread: Big lag...

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    Big lag...

    Hello there !

    First of all thanks to the AR team for all the hard work.
    This new version seems to be pretty amazing. Why "seems" ? Because at the present time I'm not as enthusiatic about it as other users here.
    Of course I think the new tools (especially selections) are really good ones, but to be honest if I had wished only one thing for AR3 it would have been more speed, and unfortunately it's even more slow on my computer...
    I've bought it the day it has been released and you can imagine my disapointment...
    But I'm still hoping I'm doing something wrong because I seem to be the only one complaining about less speed in AR3.
    Someone told me to let you know about this situation, so here are the details :
    My computer isn't that old (Core 2 Duo T7800, 4Go RAM and Quadro FX1600M 256 + 256)
    My OS is XP pro.
    To let you see what I mean, I've done a little movie test with AR2.5 first, and then with AR3.0.5. The movie quality is somewhat crappy but clear enough to see the difference.
    Canvas & brush have the same size on both version : 1280x1024, and Crayon 289%.
    There're some softwares running in the background, but the result in exactly the same without them. I've tried with and without light on the canvas, and every other optimization that I know (precise cursor, ink service etc...)
    And here is the little movie file :

    I'd be more than glad to read : "of course, you've forgot to disable/activate the XXXXX hidden feature thing"

    In the meantime I'll continue to play happily with ar2.5 which have an extension on my machine

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    I feel the same (see the suggestion post about the pencil, I like much the render but the lag/offset is too much for many tools.

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    Check you dont have real color blending switched on.
    Under the ArtRage Studio Pro menu, Tools, Color options, Real Color blending should be switched off.

    Real Color Blending can slow the tools down.
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    Thanks for your answer Andy !
    I've waited for a new update to reply, hoping to write some good news but unfortunately the problem is the same with 3.0.6
    Color blending's switch is off, and it's still awfully slow compared to 2.5

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