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Thread: How AR3 keep hanging and how I learned to overcome it

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    How AR3 keep hanging and how I learned to overcome it

    Hi! I upgraded to AR3.0.5 SP and it keeps hanging in my Mac the same as the Demo did: after a number (say...10) of size or other settings changes, the app. hangs out; proprietary cursor is missing and the regular OSX one takes its place. I can still open sections (not sure its name:File, Edit, etc) but nothing is active; everything is gray (see screen captures). I have to close the app. (which still prompts me to save the work) and restart. This behavior is more frequent while standing or right clicking with the stylus to enter a size number manually; I can hear the characteristic noise and then...nothing at all.

    I took these steps:
    1) pull the .prs file of AR2.5 to the bin
    2) pull the AR2.5 settings in the Wacom Intuos3, 6.1.2-5 driver out
    3) unmarked the Sounds and Animations cheks in the AR3 Preferences panel

    The hanging became less frequent but was still there.

    An then, the miraculous (intermediate) solution:
    4) I set the keyboard shortcuts for Size and Pressure (Shift+arrows) and changed these items all to the 500% distant frontier and back any number of times without problem.

    Does it make sense to you? I hope yes.

    My data:
    MacMini, Core2Duo,1.83MH; 2GB memory; OSX Tiger 10.4.11
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