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Thread: help with fur, eyes that are more real

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    help with fur, eyes that are more real

    I am just having fun enjoying artrage -- feel free to ignore this if you are a pro! I would like to improve this in many different places -- the eyes seem evil and the fur is bad - i'd love to make the ears less like air plane wings any ideas welcome
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    You're doing just fine. If you want the eyes to appear less evil (your words), then make them rounder. More like cat eyes.

    Also you didn't say what version of art rage you are using. If it's AR 3 Studio Pro, use the sticker spray for fur and change your the color to an off white or light brown.

    Hope this helps,

    See ArtRage2.5 and 3.0 Studio Pro Tutorials:

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    thanks judith

    thanks judith - love your tutorials!
    i'm going to get 3.0
    i'll try rounder!

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    Hi Judith,

    I'm new here. Love your tutorials! So helpful!


    Joanne Stephens

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    help with fur, eyes that are more real


    The rounder eye is a good suggestion. In addition - when doing dog portraits I usually make the eyes just a bit bigger then they really are which gives them a 'softer' look. Also, I would make the catch lights round too. You have them in the correct place - just they should be round also.

    Another very small suggestion - the carrot top is sharp and in focus, the carrot itself is soft & air-brushy (whoa, is that a word?). I would make the edges on the same object match - either both soft focus or both sharp.

    Great start.


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    neat. thanks margie!

    the fur is not good

    how can i make it more real?

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    When I draw fur or hair, I'm using Airbrush tool
    Size 3-6%, Taper Length 50-90% (depends on how long I want the hair to be), Opacity 60%
    With quick and smooth strokes I'm making a base of hair - forming it's shape, color and other that sort of things
    Then I take a darker color, lower the opacity to 30% and make shadows almost the same way (also may decrease the taper length by 20%)
    And so on with highlights

    At the moment, I can't make a tutorial, but I hope my explainations are useful
    Maybe I will make one later, if anyone would want to

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    hi null

    I will definitely give that a try. I appreciate yourfeedback. as i mentioned im just having fun enjoying artrage. thank you
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    Bumble is one of our best artists on the forum and she did a rather amazing picture of a tiger and posted the steps she took to get her fur results. It's pretty stunning if you ask me. Thistutorial is pretty great. I tried it, and it works exactly as advertised. It's pretty nitpicky though, there are hundreds of little tiny strokes that she makes to bring out individual hairs.

    Hope that helps!
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    Here is a picture I did of a dog, I have found that the direction the fur lies defines the animals shape to some extent and multiple lines of different tones give a more realistic effect. I started with a broad dark grey layer then added diffrent strands in different tones of Greys following the shape of the dog I used oil brush to do this.

    If your going for characture animal I would make the eyes larger and rounder than they are on the real animal.
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