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    AR3 ... Opacity

    When I paint in Painter, I constantly change my opacity to get softer looks in different parts of the painting. When I check the AR3 manual it only refers to opacity for the airbrush. Not for any other brushes. I am dead in the water as I do not paint harsh heavy colors. I do soft paintings.

    Now, that said, I am not very familiar with AR, but I would like that capability. Am I not seeing something. I can't seem to find it, and it may be right in front of me.


    Sorry for the dumb QUestion.

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    In AR3 you can adjust the opacity on a brush using the 'thinners' dial in the 'settings' panel.
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    Yes, I discovered it by accident. What the settings say and what they actually do are different than other programs I use. It sure would be helpful to have that info in the manual. It doesn't discuss that. So, until I learn the way AR does things I will run around looking.

    Thank you for the reply.

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    Don't forget each layer has an opacity dial as well, so paint your light/soft areas on a separate layers and adjust the opacity to your liking, don't forget about blend modes either, they are a very powerful tool, perhaps try out "soft light" or "pin light" and see how you go, ArtRage is very very deep with it's simple layout it's quite deceiving the power you have at you finger tips to control a simple brush stroke

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    And you can lightly erase them after with pressure down very low ^_^

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    Along with the other good suggestions, note that there is and opacity dial in the settings panel for the air brush, the ink pen, the fill tool, and the gloop pen. Opacity can be directly set for the Sticker Spray Gun by adjusting the Alpha setting in the spray variation panel. Coupled with opacity variances through the blend modes, and the layer opacity settings, opacity related variances are rich in AR. A little familiarity will make these methods routine rather quickly and are wonderful approaches for achieving very beautiful, painterly affects.
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