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    Red face help/critique/

    hi I am Dave!

    I'm in search of working with him someone who might want to work on projects together to give me some tips. I uploaded a little sketch that i was working on as I am new to trying to do anything with painting. I use a a mouth joystick controller to paint due to a disability.

    I was wondering if someone might explain to me how I could get more crisper resolution when drawing. I was looking at some of the other postings that people do and I cannot believe some of the things they can do with this program. There's lots of mistakes here in this posting by just wondered if there might be some suggestions on what to try or any tutorial links.

    I was also wondering if anyone has any tips on painting grass.

    Many thanks
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Well, for starters -I assume you have ArtRage3 ? - When drawing with the pencil or ink pen tool, you should click on the settings-pod.
    The settings for the tool will open. In those settings, increase the amount of "smoothing" your lines will be much less shaky than now, you will love this !

    Any question at all, don't hesitate to ask, many will help you out !

    Most tutorials are still in the works, as this software is brandnew. Find the first here ...More will follow, so check beck regularly.Have fun with ArtRage3, that's the main thing in the first place.
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    hi matt

    hi matt,

    I would like to try to improve some of the drawings that I have been working on as I know I just don't know fundamentals of just about everything. I have some drawings but they just need work and I would like to get feedback on where I could make improvements and try to do better on some mistakes.

    In this drawing if you look at the boat is very scratchy looking. the lines of the side of the boat arent clear. The lines don't look that clear. I was wondering on trying to improve the ropes so they look more realistic as well as the outline of the boat. I would also like to find out more about ocean texture and waves and whitecaps. I try to create some sort of dimension inside of the boat.

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    hi hanzz

    thank you

    I don't have artrage3 yet but I plan to shortly. I'm going to study that smoothing function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by art painter View Post
    thank you

    I don't have artrage3 yet but I plan to shortly. I'm going to study that smoothing function.
    Hello Art Painter and welcome to the AR forums,

    Unfortunately, the "smoothing" feature is only available within the new ArtRage 3 (for the Ink Pen and Precise Pencil). You may want to look into upgrading though, because I think the "Sticker Spray" tool would be something you might have an interest in as well. With the Pro version you'd be able to create a sticker (or use one of the sets that come with the program) to make fields of grass fairly easily. I've attached an image displaying some of the types that come with AR3 already. Using the Stickers with the Sticker Spray tool, they act like a brush.

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    Until you get AR# there are great tutorials for AR2 and what I have seen so far they only enhance the AR3 experience, so it isn't knowledge lost. You will find some good tutorials on Youtube too. Someonesane has a couple that have helped me. Also, as stated on just about every response, ask. Title your thread "help with (insert need)" and you will have more than enough responses from the best of the best!

    btw I really LIKE the boat just as it is! and another good example of help... ask for help on creating water. Your boat will be sailing off in no time!

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    Thank you for the pointers

    Thank you for the assistance. Feel free to use theseas examples of what not to do. : >
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    Try starting by blocking out your background with large areas of color. Create the sky first, then paint a landscape (or seascape!) over it. By using thick, solid colors you will create a scene for the figures or objects in your painting. Then, on top of your background, or on a new layer, add you boat. You don't need a perfect boat if it "feels" like it belongs in the scene.

    By using the paint brush tool with thinners you can then go over and dab highlights and shads to make waves, getting smaller as they approach where the sea meets sky. You could finish off your highlights with whitecaps representing sea foam on very aggressive waves for the waves that are largest and appear closest to the viewer.

    You just use large brush strokes, but by placing them well it creates the sense of realism. It's called impressionism, and looks a lot what you've started doing naturally. Here's an artist who pulls it off well.
    And, here's another artists to contrast different ways of representing the water:

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    very cool

    those are some wonderful examples and wonderful suggestions

    Thank you!

    [Now I'm off to give it a try: >]

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    Remember art doesn't have to be realistic think Van Gouh or Picasso. The picture you have shown has a a certain charm, I liked the colors the green and white for the sky it is a nice mix.

    If your having problems with lines try the rulers and stencils that is if you have artrage 2.5. If you are wanting realism study the thing you are wanting to portray ie look closely at boats and water.

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