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Thread: 2 AR3 questions...

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    2 AR3 questions...

    1. I am fond of using colored pencils (prismacolor type) in 'real life'. In using the various tools in AR3, I don't see any that quite fit the bill. Most lack the rather unique blending quality of the prismacolors (I've tried the crayon, pencil, chalk at various settings, various paper types, etc) Has anyone come up with a way to handle this type of thing.
    2. Sort of related, I was trying to get a very slight grain to the canvas. I chose a paper type texture, low roughness, low grain size, and the results are not what I would expect. The canvas looks very sharp and 'pixely'. I'm looking for a softer grain, but not so saft as having no grain (like the cel preset). Any ideas on how to accomplish that?
    Thanks for any help...

    little addition here...
    I just tried it with the paint brush, and it seems to work much better. I can make little grain, little roughness and when I use the paintbrush and the paint is running out, I get a pretty good slight soft grainy look to it. It's almost like the pencil/crayon/chalk don't have anti-aliasing when used with the grain or something???
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    I used to have those same Colored Pencils as well until they got to $1.50 each then i had to turn to digital arts. I tried working with this tool myself and when lowering the softness setting only seems to make it act like a soft thin-line airbrush. Perhaps i am overlooking something here.

    I will make a grain preset. Be back in a bit. Look in the art supplies forum.

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    I have had good result using the "Crayon" tool on Cel paper using a Wacom pen.

    Start a new painting. Set canvas size to the double of end resolution. E.g. 2000x2000 pixels for 1000x1000 pixels image. Canvas I set to whatever I feel. Often Fine Canvas.

    In the Layer panel Click New. For the new layer select Edit Layer Texture... from menu. Select Special... Cel...

    Select Crayons. I turn the Tool size down @ 2% to 5% - that's kind of like a thick pencil.

    You have to experiment with the Tool settings... Pressure and Softness. For nontransparent strokes I usually have Pressure=50% and Softness=25%. When I want to blend more I turn down the Pressure as low as 10-12% (and I Alt+Click a mix of the colors and use that for the blending).

    This was done with the crayons that way:

    There's a video here showing how it looks:


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