There seem to be a few small glitches regarding Window positions. I run ArtRage Studio Pro on Mac OS X 10.6 on a Macbook with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX tablet attached to it that also acts as a secondary display.

First, in general, windows that are not modal dialogs appear to open on the main display that has the Mac OS X menu bar, which in my case is the built-in one. This is not a big problem, I just have to click on all the pods once, move the windows to the other display, and close them, and ArtRage will remember their location for the future. However, if I re-arrange my displays I have to move them around again, there is no way to make them stick to the main ArtRage window. Is there some way around this? I almost never want windows to be on the built-in display as my tablet is configured so that the pen never affects the built-in display.

Secondly, there is some weirdness involving the tool size window that appears when you click on the tool preview. ArtRage appears to want to open this window relative to the cursor position, and this seems to make it end up with a screen location that is to the left of the display the main ArtRage window is on when the tool picker is docked in the default lower left corner position. I used to have my displays arranged so that the Cintiq continues the built-in display to the right, and in this setup, the tool size window either always appears on the wrong display, or doesn't appear at all. Workarounds are re-arranging the displays so the ArtRage display is not to the right of the other display, or tearing off the tool picker and moving it far enough to the right to make the tool size window border fit in the display area. Alternatively even an invisible tool size window is functional, and as it is modal it can be closed by hitting escape or a number can be entered, it's just mildly irritating that you can't see it.

Thirdly, the "full screen" toggle only appears to move the window to the top left corner of the display, where the title bar would end up below the system menu bar on the main display on a Mac, appearing to the user as if the window was set to full screen mode. On a secondary display that doesn't have its own system menu bar, this behaviour doesn't properly create the illusion of a full-screen window and a blank title bar will still be visible and the top few pixels will be unavailable for painting. (It is however possible to move undocked tool panels on top of it, e.g. I can still move ArtRage's menu bar panel over the window title bar.)