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Thread: What artists do you follow?

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    What artists do you follow?

    Something D Akey said to Grey triggered a line of thought. Who are your favorite fantasy/comic/manga artists, particularly those who have influenced you. Of course, Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo caught my interest early on. I loved the Vampirella comics. Some more recent candidates include:

    Adam Black, ArtRager and author of Locus, described by Adam as “monsters and nekkid ladies”.

    Megan Rose Gedris, a phenomenal and multi-talented artist.

    Terrence Bernard of Sophia Awakening.

    Tara Tallan of Galaxian.

    Inaki Miranda of Tribes: The Dog Years.

    Sarah Skye of Simply Sarah and Cathy.

    Jenny Romanchuck of The Zombie Hunters. A very cool tutorial.

    Jamie Robertson of Clan of the Cats, which she started as the rankest of amateurs, honing her craft over a period of years.

    Dave Reynolds of Shadowgirls

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    Even though I'm not originally from the United States, my first exposure to the world of comics (and art) was through the standard fare of Marvel and DC comics. However, as I grew up, i stated to take notice of my next-door neighbors- Japanese and Korean artists. Today, I seldom follow any Western artists, if at all:

    Shirow Miwa - Dogs: Bullet and Carnage
    Ito Ogure (Oh! Great) - Tenjo Tenge, Air Gear
    Kubo Tite - Bleach
    Hiroaki Samura - Blade Of The Immortal
    Tsutomu Takahashi - Sidooh
    Hoshino Katsura - D.Gray Man
    Takeshi Obata/Tsugumi Ohba - Bakuman, Deathnote
    Mizuki Kawashita - Lilim Kiss, Ichigo 100%, Ane Doki
    Shoji Kawamori - Macross series, Cyber-Formula, Escaflowne, Eureka Seven, Armored Core,
    Hajime Katoki - BANDAI Gundam lead model mechanical designer
    Shirow Masamune - Appleseed, Ghost In The Shell, Dominion Tank Police, Intron Depot,
    Range Murata - Blue Submarine No.6, The Last Exile, Robot
    Kim Hyung Tae - character designer
    Katsuya Terada - character designer
    Mamorou Nagano - Five Star Stories
    Izumo Jyuki - mechanical designer
    Ugetsu Hakua - Burst Angel, character designer
    Shunya Yamashita - character designer
    Yasushi Suzuki - Purgatory kabuki, various games

    Syd Mead - Blade Runner, Tron, concept designs
    James Jean - Fables covers
    J. Scott Campbell - Danger Girl/Gen 13
    John Howe/Alan Lee - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Greg Hildebrandt - Star Wars posters
    Ron Cobb - Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, The Abyss, concept designs
    Adi Granov - Iron Man
    Marko Djurdjevic - Marvel cover artist

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    Wow that's a lot! I have trouble keeping up with even with one artist. Haha! ;-)

    How do you keep track with so many artists? I'd get mixed up. :-P

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    thats a long list
    I'm starting to draw and paint only recently, here is my list:
    David Manuel (Fashmir) on his blog
    Sav Scatola (Boxy) on his website
    Claudine Gevry (Cloe)
    and Claude Monet on wikipedia
    maybe will add another on the journey

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    meine liste

    pablo picasso
    (schon in der grundschule, mit 10 jahren angefangen, mit sechzehn eine jahres arbeit geschrieben: Pablo Picasso - leben und werk )

    egon schiele
    gustav klimt
    piet mondrian

    surrealistische kunst
    abstrakte kunst


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    Skoji Kawamori and Shiro Masamune are flat out awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Docsmith626 View Post
    Skoji Kawamori and Shiro Masamune are flat out awesome.
    Yes they are. Considering the breadth and depth of their body of work, it's no wonder they're regarded as institutions by a lot of creative individuals out in the industry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cati View Post
    Wow that's a lot! I have trouble keeping up with even with one artist. Haha! ;-)

    How do you keep track with so many artists? I'd get mixed up. :-P
    Mangaka's works are easy to track- I follow the mangas they write and oftentimes, it will include advertisement for any other (recent) work done by that particular mangaka. In other instances, the publisher (i.e., Jump, Kadokawa, would advertise upcoming work done by their artists. Those who work in anime and games are similarly easy to track because their (respective) studios would advertise upcoming work/releases. So I just check periodically the websites of these publishers/studios. It's for this reason that I taught myself how to read Nihingo.

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    My favourite artist of all time is a relatively unknown British painter called Sir Stanley Spencer. He painted (usually Biblical) narratives, set in his local, modern surroundings in a very idiosyncratic style! (Some of his paintings are housed in the 2 Tate Galleries and The National Gallery in London).

    An example of his work: (St Francis and the birds, 1935)

    A link to his website:

    Whilst searching Flickr, I found a couple of contemporary artists that inspire me to work.

    French artist (based in London) McBess:

    and UK illustrator Gemma Correll, who does really entertaining daily diary doodles! See her Flickr page here:
    This is what we find:
    The hope that springs eternal,
    Springs right up your behind.

    cLuMsY_Joel's Flickr Portfolio

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    i'm still waiting for da vinci to make some new paintings:P
    and some on deviantart

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    Thanks, Rose. Those are some great sites.

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