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Thread: I wonder. . .

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    I wonder. . .

    Will ArtRage 2.5 continue to be available on disk for awhile after ArtRage 3 is released? I have been considering giving it as a Christmas gift to several friends and kinsmen along with a Bamboo pen tablet. The cost would be reasonable and it would allow them to explore the possibilities. Then, if they want to take it farther, they easily can.

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    You could give them a certificate with the ArtRage Stuidio registration key printed on the certificate, and they can download the installer from our members area. Or something.
    I think we're going to miss being creative for Christmas again this year. Rats.
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    @Andy Maybe create a Special Christmas Gift Voucher? (and then they can print/email the exciting voucher image, not just the code )
    Should be easy to make, no idea about the logistics of sending it/making it available to download (unless it was a splash screen with instructions or something after paying... or before paying, as they still need the Reg. number! and might have forgotten/bought it some other way/early and not given it yet - so it wouldn't have to be part of the payment and recieving process at all, although that's obv. ideal. But yes, just brainstorming/rambling, as I said, I don't know how you'd set it up....)

    I for one would be happy to donate a Christmass-y painting, and I'm sure others would too XD

    edit: @ DocS. oh yes, and you are able to make your own CD of it - a good idea anyway! (I made one for my boss to give her grandkids - free version plus instructions)

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    Hi. Just a thought , I have given my wacom pen touch bamboo tablet to a mate as I have upgraded to a 21ux , will they be able to download the
    Software as art rage is with the software help. Thanks.

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