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    Okay, this is probably a really dumb question, but how do you email artrage paintings? I've exported them as .bmp's and .jpeg's, but when I open them and try to copy and paste them onto my email, I just get a big blank sqare! What am I doing wrong?

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    What Rose said,

    It's like any other image/photo once you exported it as bmp, jpg etc.

    Just insert as attachment in your mail program. No need to copy and paste.

    I am not sure what you mean by "copy" or "paste". If your question is really about uploading your exported image to the forums, use the "manage attachments" option, browse to your file and click "upload" (be mindful of the size restrictions).

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    Oh so by attaching do you mean right-clicking on it, pressing "send to" and then "mail recipent"...?

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    Nope.... nothing.

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    It will depend on the email software you're using, but I'd recommend checking the Help section for your email program and searching for 'attachments'. That should tell you how to attach an image to an email in your particular email client software. I hope that helps!
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    Dear Sharlotta, well , first , Hello!! so, the way i sometimes do it, is , go to where you have your pictures saved, right-click on the picture, a list comes up that says "Send", or Send To, scroll down to there and another list may come up that says something like "Mail Recipient" , click on that, that may bring up an email page with your picture title attached on the heading, then addess your email and 'send', there are other way to do it am sure,,, and correct, you can send a picture by choosing "insert' on you email page, that will have you 'brouse' for your picture to click on and open, good luck!!!

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    Oh okay... thanks Lee, that's what I'm looking for!

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