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Thread: concept of "presure"

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    concept of "presure"

    I dont agree with the way AR implement 'presure' in oil-brush. I think it would be more realistic if 'presure' meant how defined the canvas was touched by the brush.
    This should be expressed in how the paint 'hit' the canvas-surface
    -eg a rough canvas with light presure would only get 'paint-hit' on the protruding 'egdes' of the canvas. The 'walleys' would remain untouched and not painted.
    The current brush 'deformation' in responce to increased presure is not only less realistic, but is also a mutch less creative feature, that in reality can be emulated by increasing brushsize..
    I gues that perhaps the best solution would be that presure from 0..75% would work after the canvas hit/miss priciple, and 75-100% would deform the brush.


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    I think it does actually do this - especially with chalk and pencil. But the thing about paint is it's usually so thick, it doesn't make a difference. Try make the loading very low.

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    Yep, I find that as well. And if you lower the loading the paint stroke will only last a few cm before the paint is used up. I've often wished for a way to paint thin & dry across large areas. At the moment, you can't. Also the option to have square tipped brushes would be good.

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