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Thread: "undo after layer ordering" bug

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    "undo after layer ordering" bug

    I browsed through the topics, because I remembered to read about a similar bug.
    But I didn't find that topic so I wrote it down.

    In a new document make a new layer and paint sg on it
    Than make another layer and paint a little on it too (just for control)
    Than change the layer order: put the newest layer below the firstly created
    Finally undo before the state, where we created the second layer.

    Not that will be undid, but the firstly created (now upper) layer will disappear!

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope my procession will be clear for you.
    And if this bug is already known by you... than just delete this topic. : )

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    Thanks for the report Kynu! I'll check that out here, your process seems clear to me
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    Using layers, program mix layers drawing sometimes, specially when use undo-arrow. Maybe bit-bug?

    Program future modifications?

    Trace picture edit has zoom and position.

    Rotation is also needet.

    If it is possible to made rotation-button it help lot of to put trace image to right place and needet position.

    Other future program needs concern this "own color-palette system".
    Now it work fine, easy to collect colors from photos and easy to remove one colorbox. It is fine idea to make own color-palette.


    Possibility to organice colors?
    Maybe move color-box?
    Or automatic color-organice button which put colors to some kind main color-order?

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