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Thread: Customiseable Erasor and More Brush tip icons

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    Customiseable Erasor and More Brush tip icons

    Hey Rages, i was thinking it would be great to have a reasonable variety of brush tip icon's to choose from, some very precise and other more lose, i find 2.5's generic icon to be lose and i use the precise tip all the time, maybe if we had a little more flexibility with what that precise tip is going to look like.

    The eraser needs improvement in my honest opinion, at them moment it behaves very much like a brush, which can be down right frustrating if your erasing fine details, the eraser has to be set no higher than 1 or 2 pixels wide to get it to work strictly like a rubber would. What would be really awesome is having a kneedable eraser, being able to make it into to several different shapes, just like a real kneedable eraser
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    I agree with you silentman I would love to see different brushes. Personally I would like to see brushes that were based on real world oil brushes(flats, rounds, filberts etc.....)
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