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Thread: copyright protection or any protection

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    copyright protection or any protection

    wondering how the paintings uploaded in artrage are protected from others copying or changing? I know I can put my copyright but is there a way to upload a smaller version or how is this done here in the galleries?

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    I suggest you upload a smaller size
    (rescale it and save a jpg)
    And add your signature, in ArtRage or another program (something with your web name is good, so people can google you)

    I don't think the ArtRage gallery offers any watermarking or resizing options. You might want to check out htp:// which does, if you'e planning to create a proper gallery/upload a lot

    Anything you create is YOURS, regardless of whether you say as much (but people might need telling).
    However, be aware that once it's on the internet, it can be copied to some extent. You can make it very hard, and limit the quality, but at some point you have to choose between being able to even see your picture and protecting it...

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