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Thread: Aarons giftbook thread, update

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    Aarons giftbook thread, update

    If you didn't know, there was a giftbook with contributions of Artwork from many Artrage Artists from around the world for a young man of 13 that I know who has serious health issues due to Cancer. You can see it in the group projects files if you want to.
    We attended a benefit dinner for him last night, and the book was there on display. I heard no end of rave reviews of the Artwork, and figured I should pass that along to all the contributors. People in his family were bowled over by the kindness of this online community. And, it gives me reason to thank all of you again myself.
    As for his health, it has not been getting better ( this is putting it gently) and he is making trips to the Cancer treatment specialists at MD Anderson in Texas. We can only hope for the best. This is the last hope for him.
    Many of you often ask about him in Pms to me, so I thought I would start a place where I could do updates every once in a while, for those who have an interest.
    Thanks again.
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    Hey Rob. I wasn't around during this project (maybe came at the very end...not sure) and viewed the thread when I was new to AR and completely blown away by the support from this group. I knew then and there this was a whole different and wonderful place full of great people. Sorry I missed the oportunity to share in the book but my thoughts and prayers are with you and him all the same!
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    Oh Rob.. what a wonderful thing and so happy that he was thrilled with the book. So nice of you to be there with him. I will be keeping him in my prayers. My thoughts are always first with the children that are sick . May a miracle happen. He is a year younger than my son, makes me want to cry. Give him a hug for me if you see him again. He sounds like a very brave young man.

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    This was such a cool, extraordinary, admirable, stupendous, exceptional, awesome, and blessed act of kindness and caring from all who participated in this art project for Aaron!!!

    My hats off to all of you and special kudos and admiration to Rob for planning and executing such a remarkable labor of love for another. All of these paintings were moving, enlightening and just down right beautiful and it was so obvious they came straight from the heart!!!

    This only confirms to me (which I knew from day one) what a wonderful and caring group of individuals that is in this forum and I feel blessed and proud for being allowed to be a part of it! Applause...applause!!!

    I wish the best for Aaron and his fight for life and will keep him and his family in my prayers!!!

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    Rob, it was great that you put together this collection and that it was well-received by family and friends! We´re all hoping for the best!
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    Rob, wasn't aware of this project though I've been aware of your friend. Beautiful project that I'm sure meant a lot to both him and his family. Like others posted, will keep sending all good thoughts with hope and well wishes.

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