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Thread: Advice needed please

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    Advice needed please

    When i draw small objects using the felt pen with the art pen on, the lines appear blurry and i have to use the eraser to make the lines finer. Tried using the pencil but it's not dark enough.
    I could only afford a small size bamboo graphic tablet, have also tried changing the nibs on the pen, but it makes no difference. Am i doing something wrong or are the more expensive graphic tablets better for example the intuos 3 graphic tablet. Hoping someone can help me please
    Sally Packham

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    Hi Sally -- not exactly sure what you mean... could you post an image showing the softness you're seeing? I've used both the Bamboo and Intuos3, and they seemed to behave about the same for this kind of thing.

    Be sure you fiddle with the Pressure, Softness and Wetness controls until you understand them a bit... ArtRage takes a bit of getting used to, but it's amazingly powerful once you get it.

    Oh yeah, and when you do your image, let us know what the settings for Softness, etc. are.
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    Hi Sally!

    I doubt that it relates to the graphics tablet, so switching to a different tablet would most likely not change what you're seeing there.

    If you can post a screenshot here of the problem, or send a small sample painting to me at together with the tool settings you're using ( pressure, softness, wetness and size ) we can definitely take a look at that to see what is happening.
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