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    ColorSchemer Gallery

    I thought others would enjoy this resource I have used for years:

    MANY great color schemes. You can search by color or theme, like spring or nature.

    There is a free color picker that I use all the time:

    I use the schemes in artrage this way. I use a screen capture program (Gadwin PrintScreen is a good one, free:

    and I capture the color scheme I want:

    Then I make resize it to 191x191, the size for palettes in ArtRage, as far as I know. I add a 20pt border to the left and top and a 5 pt border to the bottom and right. This centers it in the palette picker. I just played with the image until I got it right.

    Like this:

    Then I load it into ArtRage (Custom Picker>Load Custom Picker). Here it is all loaded:

    And paint. Like this:

    I hope that helps all.


    P.S.: I used this color scheme, I found it by searching for "rose".
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    Interesting website, thanks for pointing it out.

    In the interests of full disclosure (of what a geekwad I am :-) the first thing I thought on seeing your last image was, "She's painting from a mascara set?!?" Sorry, sorry, sorry...
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    This is a good one

    especially the compliment dial, very handy
    Although its based on web design, I can still get ideas...
    You can view all my other artwork here

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    Thumbs up

    What a great web site for color schemes! Thank you so much Liv for sharing! I've bookmarked these for future paintings! And thanks for disclosing how you modify them for ArtRage's color palette! So cool....

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    I have the full software.. very cool!
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    Thanks for the links, was looking for something like this
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    Love it, thanks!

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