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Thread: Lessening the Effect of Computer Crash

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    Lessening the Effect of Computer Crash

    I've experienced a number of computer crashes over the years, the latest one a little more than a week ago due to a failing hard-drive which finally did stop while tech working on it . . . with no chance of recovering the data.

    While I did lose some files (not as diligent with some backups as I usually am) the majority of files were safe as I have them stored on an external drive as well as cd's. There is one thing, however. For those items in the Art Materials section, when downloading, download them to a separate folder and then copy them to the sections within the ArtRage Program files. This way, you don't have to redownload them, only copy them into the program.

    I did lose the registration number for a shareware program I had recently purchased as I also did not take the time to print the email out, but rather just saved it on my computer.

    I've learned to keep a "paper" notebook. In this notebook, I have all the info I need regarding my computer (model, serial number, tech support number, etc.). I have a page showing all the programs which were reloaded onto the new drive and the date. If serial numbers applied, I have them written down also.

    I also have a couple of pages documenting the software I have put back on the C drive, including the date and serial numbers. I've also taken a precaution after receiving the above referenced registration number by forwarding to another email account until I get the chance to print it out later today.

    And remember, keep your antivirus program updated and scan frequently. The steps above can help you minimize your losses as the result of a crash.


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    You can't save your very most important files to too many different place. Don't forget about online services like

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