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Thread: eyedropper includes lightsource

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    eyedropper includes lightsource

    I noticed that the eyedropper always picks the color including the ArtRage LightSource. This way you always pick a slightly brighter value rather then the pure rgb value. I would love to see the eyedropper tool pick exactly the color i'm sampling so you don't have to re-adjust the picked color manually. In addition it would be a nice feature if you could set the eyedropper to pick either a slightly darker or brighter color to build up gradients just by sampling the last stroke's color again and again.

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    wow, thank you for putting this in words. :!:

    It would indeed be very helpful to be able to pick the the exact color from the cancas disregarding the lightsource. I have often wondered why i couldn't pick and paint with the same exact color that i used earlier in my painting. To much frustration, but i just didnt know why i experienced this behavior.
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