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Thread: cursor changing

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    Question cursor changing

    please bear with me -i'm relatively new to artrage-when i watch the tutorials the cursor is round when you pick up a colour =mine is always a large cross what do i do to change it.

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    Hi nightjar,

    Try turning off the "Precise Cursor" option (see image below).

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    tx m8 much obliged.

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    why does artrange not just use the precise cursor by default? I mean it's great for detail work and its perfectly fine for non-detailed work. unless theres some hidden potential with the regular cursor...?

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    The default outline cursor gives you an indication of the size of the tool and the tool angle if the tool is reasonably large which can be useful ( e.g. the oil brush, roller etc ). The precise cursor simply indicates the centre.

    If your precise cursor is a big cross you can go to Edit -> Preferences and uncheck 'Magnify the precise cursor' to use the normal small crosshair instead. The magnified precise cursor is provided as an option in cases were people find it harder to keep track of the smaller cursor.

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