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Thread: lost my saved colour samples please help

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    Unhappy lost my saved colour samples please help

    I have saved and named colour samples for a painting, when i loaded in the new derwent colour pencils to try out. Then i wanted to go back to the original colour samples i clicked on to remove got in a muddle and i have now lost all my original colour samples for my painting that i had saved. Seem unable to get them, are they lost forever. Hoping someone can please help.
    Sally Packham

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    Did you previously save the painting you were working on? If you had saved the painting during the painting process and had your samples in the sample panel at that time, then you should be able to open your older file, open the samples panel there, save the panel as a .col file, then reopen it in your new image file. If you didn't save the painting beforehand, I don't know if there's any way of getting them back, without recreating the entire thing by hand again.
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