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Thread: Paint Stroke Ends

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    Paint Stroke Ends

    Just found this, sorry if its obvious ops:

    When you start a stroke of the brush, roller etc, the brush 'dances' around at different angle, which can be awkward especially in tight spaces. If you switch to the precise cursor (press 'C'), the paint always starts inline with the stroke

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    Hi sweeneymini,

    Nothing's too obvious. I think there are a lot of new users like myself. I'm soaking everything in.

    The rollicking cursor is something I'm cautiously playful with, but I like precision when I need it. And control is not always easy with this program.

    The trade off is that the marks the program does make are brilliant.

    So keep posting your discoveries. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:


    Your friendly neighborhood control freak.

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