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    framed cat

    I thought it best to repeat, recently joined artrage please give info on how to improve this painting. Also colouring on blue tiles is distorted, have i used too many layers?
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    Hi Sally,
    The distorsion don't come from the number of layers,
    it can come from the oil paint or eventualy if you resise a layer, I am not sure.
    If you have time to work and like the subject, try to rework the same as new or rework on each layer.
    I hope that you dont mind, I just resized your painting and balance the colors by working on the layers, try to do someting like that on your taste.
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    Hi Sally,
    You sent me a private email, I just replied to it, I don't know when it was
    sent but I only noticed it today.
    Getting back to your painting, I couldn't see any distortion but I have poor vision, you could be getting thick bits of oil, sometimes you have to go over carefully with the blender on soft to smooth it out. But that's a lovely painting and you're using layers, clever girl, I get mixed up with them, it looks like you managed them pretty good.
    As Dany suggested keep practicing with your layers, Dany made your painting of the cat larger and the frame surround smaller, which I also think is more balanced.
    Keep practicing and keep painting and most of all enjoy it.

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    Check the paper settings for the tile layer, it could be that you have used something unusual.
    hope this helps
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