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Thread: My first one, comments please.

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    My first one, comments please.

    After a lot of work I was able to do this painting,
    how can I improve my technique ?.

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    hi welcome Wager!

    the painting has a good composition

    but it is a bit flat......decide on a light direction and then put in shadows, and highlights............
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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    Hi Wager,

    I think it's an awesome first painting. Lots to juggle just learning the program and art too.

    The comments before mine are good. As you look at other artist's work, you begin building a visual vocabulary. How did they do a cloud, for example, or a tree, or reflections on water?

    Then you try it and then master it and it's yours.

    Based on what you have in the picture, the only thing I would say is the horizon line (water meeting sky) is not extending all the way across the picture. And the cliff is almost creating a tangent with it. So it's sorta on the same horizontal line. It pulls the distant line of water forward and flattens out the picture -- just a little because you have other things working to promote separation, like dark and light.

    We all have done it from time to time, and we just fix it. So you might just want to raise the top of the land mass up a bit so it is clearly on a different line from the horizon line.

    But I love landscapes and I like what you're doing.

    Keep going! ''

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    Hi Wager,

    Nice start

    I think the painting is a bit sparce on the righthand side. I think something should be there, say a fishing boat with net and seagulls hovering for the fish. Another idea would be a whale tail or whale blow water.

    On the lefthand side, D Akey is right about the sea line. It needs to either go to the edge of the painting, or probably better, extend the rocks to rise above the skyline.

    I'd maybe look into putting 1 or 2 people on the cliff. With the above ideas, these could be whale watchers with binoculars, or a wife waving to the fishermen.

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    Hi Wager,
    I must say, at first attempt, you have done a great job. did you used a tablet?

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