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Thread: My own suggestions!

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    My own suggestions!

    Art Rage Rocks! I thought of just three things that might be really really nice. Do you want to know? Here they are.

    Transparency would be really nice, and that's not unnatural , because if you use real things, you can make them look transparent by using water!

    Then wood paper would be nice!

    Then it would be nice if the airbrush would be more airy if you want it to be. It's really heavy even on the lowest pressure and autoflow off and that's the ONLY thing that I think REALLY would be better if it were changed how I said because Artrage already totally rocks.

    Were my suggestions stupid?

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    Thank you for those little_artist. Good suggestions!
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    And some kind of blender would be nice because some people have too many chores and a blender would make it LOADS easier ot make a nice picture. You could pretend it was a cloth soaked in paint thinner or something like that!

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    wood paper you could make by importing a picture of wood as your background.
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