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Thread: Horrible compression

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    Horrible compression

    I love ArtRage, but even so it has a few glaring errors.
    The largest one (in my eyes) is the absolutely HORRIBLE compression it uses when I use the "Export as image.." option to save as a JPG file.

    To show you an example I've taken a cutout of an image I've drawn, and I'm showing you two versions (see below).

    1) The first is a JPG exported from ArtRage. Notice how pixelated it is and how the colours have a very grainy texture.

    2) The second is first exported as a PNG file (because it's a lossless format), and then I've opened the file in IrfanView and saved it as a JPG using 100% quality. Notice how much smoother everything is.

    I hope you'll be able to fix up a better compression method for the next version of ArtRage.
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    In the next version of ArtRage we'll probably make a compression slider available for JPG compression.
    In ArtRage 2 we chose a high-compression value for JPGs because we felt most people would be using JPGs for putting on forums and web pages. So we wanted to keep the bandwidth lower. PNG was available so users could export in a lossless format and use another application if they needed different compression.
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