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Thread: Brick wall canvas workaround added-13 July '08

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    Brick wall canvas workaround added-13 July '08

    Hi all,

    After all the difficulty with my brick wall canvas, I've redone the whole thing from scratch. Please see my thread here:

    The files have been updated today - 12 July 2008. Could someone please try the canvas with the new files and let me know if its works fine now.





    If you cannot get it to work, see post #5 for workaround.

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    the Wall is cool


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    Hi Rose,

    Hi Cripster,

    Glad it now works for you guys!


    In what format did you save you imag from AR?

    In my experience, a png file is generally larger than a jpg. Load your image from AR into Pshop (I use PS elements 2 sometimes for this) or other image editor and save as jpg. The quality of the image will degrade, but not to much. See if this makes a difference.

    Also if you save your image from AR as a psd (photoshop) file it will be larger because of layers. However, the fact that you managed to upload the image to the forums means that you must have saved it as either a jpg or png (the forums do not allow for psd's).

    There should be a setting in your options which says "save for web" or something similar. Play around with the settings on this until it is within the limits.

    You can also check out this thread:

    for further info. Hope this helps.


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    Workaroud & other tips


    Hi fellow Artragers,

    It seems my brick wall canvas works for some and for some not. Why this is the case, is beyond me. Maybe its a bug, maybe its just me.

    In the meantime here is a workaround you can try:

    ( - Note that this applies to all grains and cpr files you download in future)

    Download the files and drop them in the correct folders as explained in my thread here:

    Open AR and go to "new painting".

    Choose the canvas called yvan's brick wall from the preview menu (click "next" until you get to it - they are in alphabetical order).

    If the preview of the canvas does not show up correctly on the canvas preview (i.e. if you do not see a brick wall texture but just a grainy texture) try the following:

    1. Click on the "grain" dial.

    2. Click on "load an file". This should open up the "grains" folder where all the images which are used as grains are stored.

    3. Load the appropriate image (the jpg file called yvan's brick wall). A preview of the brick wall should now show up correctly in grains dial.

    The fact that you can see the name of the preset (yvan's brick wall) in the main canvas preview, means that you have placed the *cpr file in the correct folder.

    As I understand it, the *cpr file preset tells AR what the values shown in the other dials should be.

    In this case the dials should read as follows:
    Roughness - 100%
    Scale - 50%
    Opacity - 100%
    Metal - 0%
    Color - should display as white.
    If they do not, adjust them to the abovementioned settings.

    To make sure that the preset is saved correctly in your copy of AR from now on, do the following.

    4. Click on "Make a new preset". This will open up the folder where the *cpr presets are stored. If it doesn't, select the folder where you stored the *cpr file you downloaded with the grain image.

    5. Click on the appropriate preset (yvan's brick wall.cpr) and save it (you can overwrite the file, it's OK). This should ensure that AR remembers the preset from now on and also which grain image goes with it.



    You can always change any of the values in the dials in the canvas presets to your personal preference and save as new presets under new names - DON'T overwrite the original presets!

    You can load and use any of the grains as stencils and use them as such. Open stencils within AR and choose "load image from disk". Note however that the images used as grains are normally not big, so they may not work well as stencils. Experiment and see what works for you.

    You can also use any image as a grain by loading the file in the grain dial and make your own canvas from it.


    I will also post this in the Tips & Tricks forum if that's OK with the administrators.

    Have fun!

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    irishrose Guest
    Hi Yvan,

    Thanks for the tips and tricks.

    I did save the painting as png and then exported to Photoshop Elements 4.0. I resized as a jpg... so I don't understand why I had to keep resizing to get the parameters exactly to the 488 or so K that are allowed for uploading. I had no layers or anything... just couldn't get it any bigger, though many of my other works that I uploaded came out fine and larger... hm? I don't know... I guess I just have to play with the settings, as you say, maybe save for web.

    Thank you for all your hard work. You did GREAT! Rose

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