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Thread: Entering negative angles for stencils

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    Entering negative angles for stencils


    Cannot enter negative angles for stencils, but negative angles still show in angle box.

    1. Click Stencils, and select the ruler. By default, it will be horizontal.
    2. Right click on ruler, and select "Set Stencil Angle". Enter "200".
    3. Right click ruler again, and select "Flip Stencil Horizontally".
    4. Now right click ruler again, select "Set Stencil Angle" and observe that the angle indicates negative 200 (-200).

    Now reset to ruler to be horizontal again, right click, select "Set Stencil Angle" and enter negative 200 (-200). You can't. Only positive angles accepted. Why?

    It does show negative angle when I flip it, so it should - ideally - accept a negative angle input.

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    Hi there,

    ArtRage doesn't accept negative values for stencils, there's not currently a way to make it do that. There is a display problem where a negative value can be shown after flipping but you can still use positive values to set the angle correctly.
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