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Thread: Other art media besides ArtRage?

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    Other art media besides ArtRage?

    Hi. I thought to post a little question about other art media on the forum.

    Although I absolutely love ArtRage, I do some pencil drawings now and then. Haven't had much time in recent years to get into oil painting, but I hope that will change soon.

    Do you use any other media? What kind? And what is your favorite way to create art?

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    I do some drawings on real paper using a lot of different pens and inks, I also do watercolor and pastels. But my favorite way to create art, except the digital way, is sculpting (and painting as I paint some of my sculptures)
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    I have very little talent when it comes to "real" art methods (painting, drawing, etc.). I discovered digital art several years ago and have been creating it in Paint Shop Pro.

    I am planning on buying one of the famed artists, Jon Gnagy, Master Art Studio to get a feel for other types of art methods.

    I thought that AR would provide a uniqueness that goes beyond what I can do in PSP and am currently planning submitting images I create in AR for my company's art competition next year.


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    "Real" media doesn´t feature in my interests, basically because I live in a place where the materials are not readily available. Also, I´m too lazy to be cleaning up stuff in a regular studio.

    There are so many digital painting programs out there, and a bunch of vector drawing programs as well. I´ve fiddled about with several, some are pretty good, others not. I´ll mention no names here, since it´s an Artrage forum.

    I´m always on the lookout for the next best program and I sample quite a few (as do many, no doubt), but I can tell you, that after working with ArtRage for a few months, none of them seem as user friendly nor as much fun. And someone is always showing how really powerful AR can be.

    I´ll always use whatever tool suits my needs, but for unlocking whatever creativty I may have, ArtRage is still number one for me. If something better comes along, I´ll be there in a minute. So far, I´m pretty much an AR kind of guy.
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    Either pencil, or pen, and a sheet of paper. Cheap ballpoint Bic pens are surprisingly great for sketching, very pressure-sensitive. More than half the time though I start and finish a pic in ArtRage. <3
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    Currently, I mostly just use computer programs (ArtRage being at the top of the list). When I was in college I did a lot with oil paints, water colors, chalks and charcoal. I also did some pottery and sculpting. Every now and then I'll do some sketches on paper still, but I like to stick with my computer, because I can draw and paint while I have a few moments of downtime at work.
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    I like graphics programmes....but for me the bottom line is still paper and pencil. I tried oils and water colors and all the rest...but for some reason I am not comfortable with color. I can do a great sketch in pencil, or pen..but when I try to apply color, I am never happy with it

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    lots of digital because its quick to setup/cleanup....but when i have time...watercolour,acrylic,gouache,pencils,pastles and also lots of crafty type stuff like making beaded jewellery.

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    I do quite a bit of watercolor, pen & ink, and a little gouache here and there. I really prefer sketching outdoors and on-location, plein air fashion. To some degree I am using ArtRage to get familiar with opaque techniques before I embark on some plein air oils or acrylic.

    I have all my artwork posted to my flickr photostream, if anyone is interested:

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