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Thread: Workflow ideas

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    Workflow ideas

    This is already such a wonderful tool. Kudos to the developers!

    After working in the 3D animation industry for almose a decade, I've observed some artists who can work really fast with their software, and some who aren't so fast. The ones who are really fast have at least this in common: they customize their keyboard shorcuts and popup menus so their cursors and eyes almost never leave the work area, and their fingers never leave their home position on the keyboard.

    That being said, here's my suggestions for speeding up workflow in AR:

    Allow for Everything to be Bound to Customizable Hotkeys:
    I just want to be able manipulate as much of the program as possible using hotkeys that are all clustered in one area of the keyboard, without moving my fingers off their home position or looking down at the keyboard.

    Customizable Context-sensitive Popup Menus and Sliders Under the Cursor:
    For the things that can't be bound to hotkeys easily, this option should cover the rest. The user would activate a popup menu by right-clicking or hitting a hotkey, and a popup menu or slider opens directly under the cursor. The menu would be specific to the current tool, or contain more generalized options.

    Ideally, the user could create as many customized popups as they wished, and use different hotkeys to open them. For instance, hitting the spacebar might open a tool selection menu under the cursor, whereas hitting control-spacebar might open a color picker or color swatch pallet under the cursor instead.

    Holding a Key while Draging on Screen to Change Tool Setting:
    For instance, imagine holding down control while clicking and draging on the screen to change the tool size (Maybe a Percentage readout appears next to the cursor while this happens). Or holding shift while dragging to change Pressure. Any number of tool options could be tied to customized hotkeys this way, so the user sets up a working environment that comfortable for them.
    Jon Huhn
    3D Artist

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    yeah, well.. how can you not agree with these suggestions?

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