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Thread: Scaling Limit of Tracing Image?

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    Scaling Limit of Tracing Image?

    I often run into a problem where I'm trying to use a tracing image that is higher resolution than necessary, and the "Edit Tracing Image" features do not let me scale it down enough to match other elements I already have in my painting. The range of scale allowed seems fairly small, like 75% to 125% of the original, or maybe 50% to 200%.

    I really hate having to guess what the real constraints here are, and going out to an image editor, crop down, scale down or otherwise adjust my tracing references. Let me scale it down to 1% of the original if desired! Let me scale it up to 1600% its original size if desired! It's only memory, it's cheap!

    Am I missing something (again)?
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    Hi Halley,

    You're right, I believe it's about 50% to 200% but that's just from looking at it here, there's definitely a limit so you're not missing an option. We might change that in the future though, thanks for the feedback!
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