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Thread: Intuitiv painting

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    Intuitiv painting

    Hi all
    For me i discovered, that intuitiv painting is a good way to
    express me and to become peaceful in my mind, especially when
    I'm feeling sad or unsatisfied. But not only bad feelings should be
    a motivation to paint intuitively. Joy is a very good starting point
    to grab my wacom. Sometimes in my life i experienced a situation
    of "don't know what to do or to feel or what is good for me". A per-
    fect helplessness. In those unwanted situation a intuitiv painting
    session helped me to find a new point to went to another better direction.

    What is intuition? I try to give a short explanation. Intuition is the
    ability to act spontaneously on impulse that comes from your mind.
    Simply said listen to your heart or look into your heart or feel what
    comes out of your heart. You know your inner voice?

    Now i want to explain how to paint intuitively. I talk about feelings as
    a motivation to paint. In this forum there is another very good thread
    about painting feelings. The main difference from my to the other thread
    is intuitiv painting means paint what you feel (or your inner voice telling you)
    whileyou are painting. In the other thread the people decided
    to paint a feeling before they begin to paint. And it maybe that they
    have other feelings while painting as that what they decided to paint.

    How to begin?
    First, save some time for you.
    It's good to have a silence room. You can listen to your favorite music,
    no problem(not too loud).
    Start your Artrage. (if your pc is out of order,grab paper and pencils)
    You think you are a bad painter? It doesn't matter.
    You stare to the large white and empty area on your screen and don't
    know what to paint? Well, anything is allowed. Use the brush (or what
    else you want to use) and paint in the color that comes first in your mind.
    Look at that and try to feel, what you want to do next.
    You hate that and want to throw it away? No problem, clean the sheet
    and begin again (only if you want).
    Try to focus your mind to the present. Thoughts of your past and future
    are not important...for now.
    Do some paint actions.
    Look at that and try to feel.
    Paint what you feel.
    Feel what you are painting...
    Let it flow out of your mind...
    The most important thing are your experiences while painting.
    Be happy.

    Below you find some paintings i've done intuitively.
    I wish you a lot of inspiration.
    (you think my english is bad? you are right, cause i'm still learning... :lol: )
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    Stimpy, your English is fine. So are these images for sure. In writing this is what's known as "stream of conciousness" ... writing immediately what comes to your mind without stopping to think about it. It is a legitimate approach and I'm surprised that no one has made a thread like this before. Great idea.

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    May we post more than one?
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    I'm glad you like my Idea
    "stream of conciousness" yes you got it
    I call it living in the very present moment. Or be in a flowing
    State, acting and or beeing without any hassle. It's a matter of
    feeling rather than thinking. Sure, thoughts can be a part of this
    secretful "flowing". But "behind" your thoughts and feelings there
    is a peace- and joyfull stillness... Pure beeing. Some people might
    think: What is he talking about? Is he taking some drugs?
    No, no taking drugs is the most worse way somebody can go.
    I will try to explain by telling about a situation i experienced last
    I did a walk through the fields after the lunch at my job. The weather
    was warm and sunny. The air smelled like summer. Butterflies was
    flying around. Bees was humming. The wind blows gentle. Some
    poppies shows there shining red color. And most beautiful: A field
    lark did singing their silvery song. My thoughts were quiet. I felt joy
    only...Can you imagine that?
    Unfortunately those beautiful moments are very transient. But i can
    remember that very clear.
    Oh interesting painting but please explain, what is a "whatchamaflingie"?

    Oh yes please, post as much as you can. Only the Artrage team can
    limit that :lol:
    Interesting abstract you did.
    Barely there, is that a kind of pure beeing?

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    Great idea, although sooner or later we should end with a psychologist review of the works after some art critique! :lol:
    I'm kidding, but Your idea is really brilliant!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Some interesting results!

    I think Robertīs stream-of-consciousness suggests heīs in the middle of another project. Isnīt that the pin from an ArtRage reference image in the middle?
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    This is a great idea for art project Stimpy.
    I like your expressions. I think we should also try to
    paint your words about the day in the field with the lark. It would make
    a beautiful painting,
    JulieDianne I did not see any rules. I like your piece.
    Robert...genius. part Calder part Klee.
    Here is one I did last night. Trying to be peaceful.
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    Thanks all for your kind and humorous words

    Very nice idea to paint those words i wrote.
    Please don't hesitate to do so. I'll try to paint
    that too...
    Oh and you don't need to try to be peaceful when
    you paint. It's ok if you are not. Consider intuitiv
    painting as a kind of a dialog with yourself. Your
    painting looks like you have had a dialog. It's a
    very vital looking painting.

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    Dear Stimpy, being basically a very shy person i like your good idea, but then i realized that the last painting i posted was exactly what you suggested, i saw some dafodills growing in an unlikely spot and equated it with life and nebulas and blah blah blah, but as you can see i got too tight and technical, will try to loosen up, all the new posts are what i will try to acheve, they are lovely and facinating to see thoughts on paper,,can't wait to see what others post,,,, thank you, ps, i think your english is lovely !
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