Hi fellow ArtRagers, I'm currently building a website for art tutorials 2D as well as 3D
There are going to be tutorials for 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop and since I'm an ArtRage geek it will also host Artrage tutorials, i may add more programs to the list later on though.
The website is not online yet, but if any of you have made some tutorials either for ArtRage or any of the other 3 programs I'd love to be allowed to host them on the website when i put it online.

You will of course be credited and have a link to your own website (unless for some reason you wish to be anonymous)

You can reach me either by posting here on the forums, via pm,
I will post the link to the website and an email address as soon as i have the website online.

Regards, T. K. Logan.