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Thread: 300 dpi?

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    300 dpi?

    Just bought ArtRage 2. How can I create a 300 dpi file at 3600 x 3600? It never occured to me that I might not be able to.


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    mybetrside- There is not currently alot of control over printing options from within ArtRage. If you have another graphics app that can read a jpg, png or PSD file you can do your printing busy work from there. I have no doubt that the Ambient team are giving consideration to additional image control, but for now it's all about the tool set. For me it's been worth a few extra steps in another package here and there to get my side work done. Art is the heart.
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    Since you mention that you want 3600x3600 and 300dpi, I interpret that as meaning you are targeting a 12inch by 12 inch printout. As far as ArtRage is concerned, the only setting that is of concern is that you set the canvas size to 3600x3600.

    The 300dpi part comes into play in whatever way you print it. You may control that through another program, as Fashmir mentioned, or potentially through your printer's setting. Some allow you to set the DPI that you print at (300, 720, 1440, etc). I am not sure how the innards of AR work, but I would guess that if you set your printer to 300DPI, that AR might end up sending the picture through relatively unaltered.


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    I'm pretty sure I'm right, here...

    3600 x 3600 @ 300dpi = 12" x 12" @ 100%

    3600 x 3600 @ 72dpi = 50" x 50" @ 100%

    That would mean pretty much what drzeller said. If you make a new canvas and set it to 3600 x 3600 dpi, screen wise you would be working with an image that is 50 inches square. When you choose to print it, if you print it out at 300 dpi, it would end up being 12 inches square. Keep in mind if you work at that large a size, your tools will be smaller, and you will need a good amount of RAM for your screen to keep up with your strokes.

    So, if you plan to output at 300dpi, decide on what size you want 8.5" x 11" for example and multiply those dimensions by 300. That will give you the dpi you need to set for your new file in ArtRage. 8.5" x 11" = 2550 x 3300 dpi.

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