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Thread: Just getting to grips....

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    Just getting to grips....

    Hello there,
    I got the Bamboo one from my family for my birthday, I think they are regretting it already as I cannot stop painting and they cant get on the computer. Probably the best thing that I have ever used for graphics and artwork, enless hours of fun and I have turned out some quite decent stuff (recently that is, the first attempts were hilarious)
    Have downloaded the latest ArtRage and having only used the original for 3 weeks, the new one set me off into all different directions, letting my mind run riot over the screen!!!
    Have recommended it to all my friends, will post some artwork soon, if I am brave enough...
    Thanks you all

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    Gina, you might have to get another computer so the rest of the family can get on line. However, I wouldn't let them get any where near the Art Rage. You may never get them away from it. As you have found out, it is entirely addictive.

    In the mean time, have fun. And please, don't hesitate to post your work. We would all love to have you join us in showing what you are working on.

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