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Thread: help! my work is "flat" when I save it or export i

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    help! my work is "flat" when I save it or export i

    I had been trying out the free version and was having issues with it when I saved or exported. And then I decided to buy it, and I am still having the same problem.

    When I open up an exported jpg, png or PSD file it is completely flat, no brushstrokes or texture or anything.

    It was working fine for me before!

    Any ideas why this is happening?!


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    Hi there!

    Normally I'd expect flat non-textured images as a result of having pressed the F5 key which turns off the lighting.

    Here's a quick thought to start with:

    Start up ArtRage while holding down the spacebar to delete the Artrage settings file and return it to default settings. You will be able to tell you've done this if Artrage pops up the update check as it launches.

    Then, draw a stroke of paint on the canvas. Check that you see bristlemarks as expected.

    Once you've verified this, go to the File menu -> Export as Image -> Choose the filename and format and save and check your result.

    Let me know how you get on, I look forward to solving it!
    Resident Bug-Hunter
    Ambient Design

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    Before I saw your post I tried closing and reopening a couple of times but it was still doing the same thing. But then the last time I opened it came up with the update thing, and then after that it worked. So somehow it must have gone back to the default settings!

    Before, I could see the brushstrokes as I was making them in ArtRage, but then when I exported it, it was flat.

    Anyway it's all good now! thanks for the help!

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    Ok this is weird! It is back to doing the exact same thing again?!!!!

    I tried doing f5 to turn the light on and off and it affects the texture IN the program, so I made sure I could see the brushstrokes there and THEN exported it and it is totally flat when I open up the exported file!?

    any other ideas?

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    That sounds rather odd! Could you possibly send me ( at ) :

    1/ The source ArtRage ptg file
    2/ An example exported file where I can see the problem.

    Can you also verify whether this changes back if you hold down space during launching ArtRage?

    This is the behavior I get, with steps, just as a reference for how it normally works:
    1/ Start up ArtRage. Paint a single paint stroke on the canvas. Note the existance of bristle marks
    2/ Export via File -> Export as Image. I used a jpg file format.
    3/ Open the exported file. The bristle marks exist.
    4/ In ArtRage, press F5. Not that the lighting is removed and the painting will look "flat"
    5/ Again export via File -> Export as Image to a new jpg
    6/ Open the new jpg file. Note that it looks flat.

    Pressing F5 again ( to show the bristle marks ), then exporting, produces another file with bristle marks as expected.

    It sounds like that's not what you're experiencing there, which is very odd, so I'll see if I can glean anything from your files. If you have any ideas as to things you might be doing differently from what I've described above, let me know as that might help narrow down the cause.

    Also, can you let me know which operating system and version you're using there? e.g. OS X 10.5.1 / Windows Vista Home Premium etc
    Resident Bug-Hunter
    Ambient Design

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