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    General Coment

    Just thinking, isn't it odd how names and people disapear from the forum.. Names you get used to seeing over and over all of a sudden just cease to show up.. Makes one wonder what has happend to them.. Sickness, to busy, loss of interest, maybe even dead.. We would never know.. Just a thought.....
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    ..or after a while they pop up again !.... 8) There's some cool friends that are busy at the moment, but they'll return. There are of course some who find other interests, these we will loose.........hey , but I'm back ! :lol: :lol:
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    Yeah. This is different than the neighborhood hang out where you can follow up. Here friendships are less anchored.

    There's something analogous where I've seen people who take extension classes or whatever. Most come and go, but there are some who keep coming back and taking the same classes. And certain members get connected. But even in those cases, every now and again the city just sorta swallows them up and that's that.

    I've experienced city life to be very much like you described, both personally and at work. Sort of a freelancer's normal life. And Internet communities, there are people who have formed permanent friendships outside. But that has to be worked at to make happen, and there has to be some common ground as people.

    But even at that, I remember when Jack disappeared for a long while sometime back and we were all posting our concerns. And then he showed up like a cat who went on a bender. His computer had pooped out.

    Some of us do care. But there's no way of following up with people on the other side of the computer unless one develops that kind of relationship.

    But because someone disappears it doesn't mean that a certain bond was not formed. Physical detachment is just one of the things we have to get used to. Nature of the beast.

    I see this whole thing as an exercise in releasing my attachment to specific forms and just ride the human energy as it appears -- more of an interaction with humanity -- the names get changed to protect my sanity (or something like that).

    One small conversation with a man, one giant lark with mankind.

    It's a brave new world.

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    Some of us work too much and paint too little. :roll:
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    In the start you give and recieve back. Information. Information. It's new. It's fresh. But with time you learn the software and don't need the forum as much. Some probably give up painting. Some just paint, and don't post...

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