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    .....when do you think is a new version available? I cant wait.......

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    Dewd! We just gave you 2.5 late last year!
    In reality we should have called it v3 because it was such a big update. But we didn't want to charge existing ArtRage 2 users to upgrade so we called it 2.5 so we could give away the new features.

    Just pretend that ArtRage 2.5 was really called ArtRage 3, and that'll make you able to wait more patiently for the next major release.
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    Really, no kidding, I haven't finished exploring all the new capabilities of 2.5. Let us please enjoy for a little while. Final version of 2.5 came out when... 2 months ago? if it happened that fast we would be on Photoshop version 155.5 by now. Ever done any programming?

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    .....o.k. i'm sorry, but i'm still waiting for painting in artrage with my 6d art marker wacom pen. This is the most missing thing in artrage for me.



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    Nor does it work with my full-immersion VR helmet motion-capture setup. Please fix this for the next version, as I'm very excited about it!

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