I have only been using the software for about 4-5 days, and only used the full version for 2 days, but I have found a few "issues" that could be improved in my eyes. I must point out I pencil sketch in "real life"

1) Palette Knife:

A proper "smudge" tool is required here. The knife settings are not really up to the job when smudging pencil, even on the softest settings the pencil gets dragged around not smudged... this would also be a good tool with the other mediums.

2) Zoom Tool:

800% max zoom in is just not good enough for detailed work, if I need to change the colour of 10 pixels, I need to get into them to do it.

As part of the Zoom Tool when editing "close up" the media size should also get smaller, 1% of a pencil or paint brush whilst zoomed in at 800% is no good, so if zoomed in further, the 1% tool size would be useless.

3) Pencil (Last but not least)
A few real life pencil settings would be nice... But if the first two suggestions where implemented I could get around this

On another note, I'm very surprised for a "paint package" there is only ONE style of brush for painting!!! and you can't "fix" the brush at a set angle for painting rather than stroke the way the mouse moves.

I do like the software very much, the user interface is excellent... but if the three points above where added it would be excellent, the only package I would then need...


P.S. A simple line tool as someone has pointed out already would be most welcome....