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Thread: Considering implementation of "WIIMOTE HACKS" feat

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    Considering implementation of "WIIMOTE HACKS" feat

    hope you already know about some interesting WII HACKS done by Johnny Chung Lee , one of this it's called "Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote" and this can be one of the biggest features developed for future Artrage versions!

    I cant post links ... new user on forums
    please search on youtube for that!

    Check the video and post your possibilities and thoughts about this really cool feature

    This can be a "cheap" way for CINTIQ wacom monitors!

    Pls check and comment about

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    Yes.. I use this

    There are paint packages out there specifically for this to be used as a digital graffiti wall such as and I've used it. I've also been trying to get a flash coder to customise it so that it does stencils - simply - like the thing at I would LOVE it if artrage made a version or made the current version customisable to allow it to work with the smoothboard software. The main issues are moving the full menu out of the way and a few other things!

    Tangible interaction in Canada have developed a software using OpenFrameworks that is really nice - and YRwall in the UK is good too and based on flash.

    I want to use it for youth events I run - without paying out £2500 a day hire for YRwall - when I can do it myself - if only I had the correct art software.

    A more customisable Artrage would fit the bill perfectly
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