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Thread: GUI concept about the toolbox

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    GUI concept about the toolbox

    Here is a GUI concept that i thought out yesterday and decided to post here. I thought that with AR3 its likely that the devs add more features and that way change some of the aspects of the navigation.
    One thing that i thought they'll do is that by adding more tools to the bottom-left corner tool box,they will make all the tool's icons smaller.

    Whats nice about big icons is that their real easy to find and click.You dant have to remember where each is or look carefully to find it. Photoshop guys did well by putting their tools in subcathegories.What i thought that AR could do to keep the curent design of the toolbox and still be able to add more tools to future versions is by taking advantage of the shape of the toolbox.

    It looks like a part of a circle and by that it can be thought as a part of a wheel that can be spinned by scrolling with the mouse over it or by adding a small --->/ <--- button.

    i attached a mockup
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    I have been thinking about the same idea and I like it.

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    also the tools can be organised on the wheel somehow,i think.
    This idea does have its downfalls.

    I think that if AR devs decide to make the application more powerful, to be used not only for realistic paintings,but other kinds of artwork,they should also organise the tools in a way that they are likely to be used.

    Everybody picks their application to draw with depending on the type of work they are about to do. Artrage is great in so many aspects that i really miss using it when i have to do other things with the gimp or photoshop.

    What makes it so usefull for tablet drawing are the original features that it already has: you can rotate the sheet, you can put a refference photo, you can pick colors from image directly...and all the other features.

    What I believe will add more uses to it would be a select area/bucket fill tool... transform tool, support for fonts, isograph/inking tool (real thin lines!), and support for screentones/custom brushes. That at least for me will make other graphic applications obsolete.

    Somebody said support for scripting, an API that would enable others to write filthers.

    But afterall,with all these it will become a full featured graphics application, probably it will be slower at loading,heavier...and most likely will cost alot more that what it costs now. :roll: if its a butter knife now, if those features are added - it will turn into a swiss knife

    i do love it as it is now though

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