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Thread: Can't get Digitizer Pen to work on Lenovo X61; Vista

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    Can't get Digitizer Pen to work on Lenovo X61; Vista

    I have a new Lenovo X61 Tablet running Vista Ultimate. The tablet has 2GB RAM. I am brand new to ArtRage 2. I can write and paint (poorly) using the mouse, but have not been able to create even a line using the included tablet digitizer pen. The digitizer pen simply does not work in ArtRage, even though it works in other programs such as Windows Journal. I've tried pretty hard to figure out why the pen is not working with no success so far. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Hi Len,
    We know about a bug in ArtRage that prevents it working correctly with the Lenovo tablets, when using the Airbrush tool or Glitter tool. There will be a patch out soon that will correct that.

    However the other tools should work. Check your pressure settings, make sure you're using a colour other than white (you'd be surprised how many people do that...)
    If you have gesture helpers or right-click helpers switched on, try switching them off (although there is a known bug in Vista where you'll only get pressure support if you have one or the other of pen-flicks or right-click helpers switched on)
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