Artrage is such a wonderful program, but is just lacking some very important tools. :!:

1) Customizable brushes that can be saved, with different head types, ie. flat head brushes, round head brushes, riggers for details, etc.
2) Blender brushes ,... fan type, dry brush bristle type , soft hair blending brushes ,etc. ... all to simulate real world painting.
3) A proper "inking" tool. ( I'm not sure if it's possible, but one similar to adobe illustrator's calligraphy brushes :idea: would be perfect. It allows a user to set the amount of smooth correction of the line. If it had to work on a separate layer ( as it seems vector based) , the way the sentils do, it would be amazing for inking.)
4) locking of layers so that a user can protect a layer from accidently :cry: being worked on.
5) A realistic type mixing palette similar to Painters, but obviously better :wink: .
6) Magic wand selection tool, which would save staaaax of time in selecting and painting within an area , eg. area of enclosed line-art. ( I know that this is possible with sentils, but it takes sooo much longer.
7) This one is SO important. An option for users to turn off the tilt when using the airbrush. The reason for this is that most users aren't using the actual wacom airbrush, just the pen. The pen is held differently to an actual airbrush. The surface of the tablet also isn't held at the same angle as the "true" surface angle would be in real airbrushing.
Therefore unless I hold my wacom pen unnaturally at exactly 90 degrees to the tablet, I land up getting an uneven "tilt" effect which I do not want.
For this reason I hardly ever use the airbrush at present.

Best wishes for the new year to all.
Please seriously consider bringing us these features.