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Thread: Hi I'm new to ArtRage2 are there any...................

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    Hi I'm new to ArtRage2 are there any...................

    Are there any tip that would help me do stuff on artrage2??? And I'm not a great artist on the computer (I can draw very well for my age).


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    Try the Tips and Tricks section. It's very helpful. At some point when you start learning your own ways of doing things, it would be a great place for you to share your tips. . . But a trip through that section should yield many good ideas.

    If you're new to painting but can draw, you might like the tracing feature (Can't recall what it is called) where you can use a reference image to pick colors from the source pic for your painting. The source pic works as a wet palette for you to dip into. Pretty cool, eh?

    You'll love ArtRage once you play around with it a bit.

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