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Thread: Merge result looses lowered opacity

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    Merge result looses lowered opacity

    hope that title isn't too confusing..

    I have 2 layers; the top most one is dark at 100%, but I turned its opacity down to, say, 20% or so. I like that in relation to what's below it.

    now, when I merge these two layers, the top most layer's opacity returns to 100% after the merging is complete!

    if I have to, I'll just leave them as separate layers, but since I no longer need them separate, is there a way to merge them without altering the appearance of the result?



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    Hi archer,

    What you're asking makes sense to me. Currently, this is the way that layer merging works in ArtRage, due to the way we handle things like media and paper opacity, so to preserve the transparency it would be best to leave them unmerged, that's true.

    However, we do have it on our to do list to look at altering the way we handle this in order to support preserving that when merging. Hope that helps clarify things!
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