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    I'm kinda fossilised slow at the moment.... Disabilities get in the way and I can take a month or more to "bounce back". Right now I'm on "impulse power" for any trekkies out there...

    When my energy returns I hope to post some more AR stuff. So much to explore... I'm nowhere near close to reaching a point of fluidity with AR (I think that will take 2 years at least...), tho I am seriously thinking about designing my own canvas surfaces, which intrigues.

    So lack of activity isn't lack of interest Keep posting all the art everyone, it's very interesting to see all the different styles and effects coming out of this amazing software!
    AR 2.5 Full Ed, Wacom Graphire Bluetooth A5 (Buggy!), MacBook Pro 15"

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    Needn't lock yourself in to a schedule. This is for fun, remember? :lol:

    Hope you do well with your disabilities and that we see you around. You don't need to post art to post. Your comments have been very intriguing.

    Be well, my friend.

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    I echo D Akey: you can still contribute feedback if nothing else. Take care of yourself, we're all pulling for you.

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