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Thread: Question about ArtRage

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    Question about ArtRage

    I'm thinking of buying ArtRage for my PC, after I get a graphics tablet at the end of the month. However, I had a quick glance through the gallery and most of the images seem to be landscape drawings.

    I tend to do characters on backgrounds, or interior location concept art, so is there something about the program that makes it less suitable for these subjects, and more suitable for exterior landscapes?

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    Don't be mis-led by a quick look. There is some of everything here. ArtRage is perfectly suitable for what ever style of image creation you want to do.

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    ArtRage is a tool.

    It's as good and as inclined to particular subjects and styles as the artists using it.

    I think a more telling question might be to compare it with what you're used to painting on. It's got it's own interface. So if you use Painter or Photoshop or whatever, it may take a while to learn to think mechanically in terms of the ArtRage's interface -- which is remarkably easy by comparison. Thus you should be able to easily add it to support your work flow.

    And, if you're a PS person, then you will find that you can port the paintings in the .psd format with layers back and forth for whatever reason you may want.

    The price is still very inexpensive for what you get and if you're at all serious about you're digital art, I would jump right in.

    I think you don't see a lot of characters and figures here because of the interests of the people who hang out here. Most here like landscapes. That's all.

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    I've recently been watching Ryan Church DVDs on using Painter for concept art. With the exception of Painter's Glow Brush, I don't see why you couldn't do the same type of work in ArtRage.

    That said, one of the things that attracted me to ArtRage is that it seemed as I looked through the galleries, the end result was often more spontaneous and impressionistic in feel with a lot of spirit. I think the tool encourages this flair, but does not limit you to this style. It's a lot of fun to work/play in.

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    Take a look through the Ambient Spotlights forum for a range of different things people have done with ArtRage if you get the chance, but you could also grab the Starter Edition from our download page at

    While it doesn't have all the tools the Full Edition does, it can give you a good basic feel for the software.
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